Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Letters of Encouragement

I found a new fun way to share my free art. I've always loved mail art and sending letters. But the high cost of postage put an end to that for me sometime in the 80's. Then one day I found a site called MoreLoveLetters.com that is a random act of kindness where you write letters or notes of encouragement and then tuck them away for folks to find. I get all the joy of writing, with none of the postage costs. And I've been squirreling away notecards and stationary and colored index cards for year and years.

So I made a stack of these letters of encouragement and decorated them with stamps and stickers and then when I went to the library today I tucked them into books for folks to find. Just a little pick me up in their day. I've been signing them all *Desert Witch*.

Dear Friend

Decorated with a panda stamp I carved.
Bee happy.

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